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Big Cheese Pizza has been a member of the Walla Walla community for over 16 years.

As a part of this community we feel it is our obligation to give back to the community. We support many local groups and organizations by providing them with many different fundraisers to earn money for their cause.

maincounterOne of the many fundraisers is the last Wednesday of the month, Customer Appreciation Day. The organization comes in and supplies the Labor for us and in turn earns a $1 for every medium pepperoni or cheese pizza sold and 15¢ for each 2 Liter Coke product is supplied by our local Swire Coke of Walla Walla.

Medium Pepperoni or Cheese pizza $4.99. 2 Liter Coke Product is $1.49.
(Pick-Up ONLY for these orders)

We do all you can eat Pizza Feeds for groups of up to 700 people.

We have $15 Gourmet Coupons gift cards for any large Gourmet or Specialty pizza we have.  This is the perfect fundraiser for the small group.  It’s a direct saving to the customer of $3 and the group gets $5 for every coupon sold.  This is an easy Fundraiser to run because of the value to both the group and the person who purchsaes the card.

Please contact us and let us help with the Fundraising needs for your group.

Bill and Ilene Hepler
(509) 525-4422